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  • Injury prevention is often a benefit gained from massage. Injuries such as sprains/strains and tears can be caused by muscle overuse and weakness.

  • Massage can relax and reduce muscular tightness that could potentially cause injury; will also strengthen the muscles to withstand future ‘wear and tear’ and improve performance.
  • Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is gained after microscopic tears occur in the muscle, due to exercise and poor cool-down. A build-up of metabolic waste occurs and if not removed produces the sensation of muscular ache known as DOMS.

  • Massage can remove this build-up of waste to REDUCE and PREVENT DOMS, decrease pain and stress levels to promote relaxation and healing.
  • Posture is very important as it says a lot about how we look after ourselves. Posture can be affected from injury, chronic tension and poor ROM. Very commonly the culprits of affected posture are office, desk, physical and manual jobs.

  • Massage is able to help correct poor posture through increasing range of movement, reducing tension and stiffness and increasing your mobility.
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  • Swedish Massage is a gentle, therapeutic massage performed with long, gliding strokes to promote health conditions, physical, mental and emotional well-being. Swedish helps to warm up the muscles; it increases blood circulation, lymphatic flow and the removal of metabolic waste. Swedish stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to bring about relaxation and decrease feelings of stress and anxiety.

  • Deep Tissue Massage works the deeper layers of muscle, including connective tissue like fascia, and treats symptoms such as pain, tensions and restrictions. It uses deep pressured techniques with a slow pace to reach the necessary areas and is used to break down adhesions (which are hard, fibrous tissues); realigning them into the correct position. The benefits of this massage is usually felt within 2-3 days after.

  • Sports massage is a deeper form of massage to manipulate the soft tissues and is used in a sporting/non-sporting context. It is based on a blend of Swedish elements whilst incorporating techniques of stretching, frictions and trigger points to provide protection from injuries and optimise performance. It relieves tightness and increases joint mobility and is used for relaxation of the muscular skeletal system, to increase body awareness.
  • Massage is for everyone. For athletes, professional and non-professional; people with physically demanding or stressful jobs wanting protection against and recovery from soft tissue injuries.

  • It provides stress relief from a fast-paced lifestyle, relieves aches & pains, sprains/strains our bodies acquire from daily tasks or intense exercise. It promotes the health and well-being of an individual.
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  • Increase body awareness
  • Stimulation to hypertonic muscles
  • Stimulates the body’s natural immune system
  • Stimulate and improve lymphatic circulation and reduces swelling
  • Nourishes, rejuvenates and improves the tone or your skin

  • Increase or decrease the tone of your muscle
  • Increase or decrease the length or your muscle
  • Promote rapid removal of metabolic waste and toxins, improving muscle drainage
  • Increase blood circulation and the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles
  • Stimulate or sedate the nerve endings
  • Improves tissue mobility and formation of collagen

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