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  • Exercise or surgery causes injury to our muscles; the healing process is slowed down due to swelling, poor circulation, muscle fatigue and pain.

  • Massage helps promote rapid removal of waste products and toxins, thus decreasing swelling and increasing blood circulation.

  • Massage softens and remodels scar tissue; breaks down adhesions & collagen fibres. It reduces restriction, increases ROM and reduces fatigue and pain.
  • Daily life, demanding jobs and exercise places stress on body and mind. Overused muscles prevent physical relaxation, amplifying stress levels. Massage decreases physical and mental stress by reducing pain and increasing endorphins, helping you to unwind and settle the mind.
  • Causes of poor flexibility include high muscle tone, inflammation and restriction at joints, which can cause an increase in pain within our muscles.

  • Massage aids in stretching and lengthening the muscle to relieve tightness, spasms and stiffness within and around the soft tissue.

  • A well stretched muscle has increased length and elasticity, easily achieving a greater or full range of movement around joints; overall improved flexibility.

    Sports, Deep Tissue, Swedish - 1 hour £35

    Sports, Deep Tissue, Swedish - Half Hour £20

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    Located: Bryn Dewi Sant, Miskin, CF72 8TJ
  • BSc(hons) Sport and Exercise Science
  • Level 4 Diploma Sports Massage
  • Level 3 PT/Fitness Instructor

    Based either at home in a comfortable, private space or a mobile therapist to suit your needs.

    I am a passionate individual and have a keen client focus to progress and drive the development of my successful massage career.
  • Goal - “To develop and maintain improvements made towards the health, well-being and performance of all clients, through a professional, creative and a tailored approach.”

    To release chronic/acute pain and tension; regain and increase movement at joints, improve physical, mental and psychological states and provide relaxation.